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We are always trying to stay ahead of the curve.  One of the products that we use to do that is Enviro-Dri.  It is the latest in Liquid Weather-Resistant Barrier systems.

The slide show to the right shows the first house in B/N to have it installed on.  Now, after 3 years, all of our new homes come with Enviro-Dri installed.  

Enviro-Dri is a product of Tremco and is being installed by Carlson Exteriors.  The product replaces the need for house wrap and also cuts the air infiltration by a substantial measure.

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Franke Construction has been building quality homes at a great price since 1977.  As of one of the premiere builder / developers in the Bloomington Normal area, we have the expertise that spans through out residential, commercial, student apartments and luxury apartments.  As our company has grown, our developments have branched to surrounding communities, such as Champaign and Springfield. 

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